I work between product, research, and speculation, using design to respond to meaningful questions and challenge everyday assumptions.

I believe design can be a critical tool for examining both complex problems and daily life, revealing new potentials along the way. My approach seeks to investigate these possibilities, bridging theory and practice to turn conceptual understanding into intentional responses.

This ethos is due in no small part to my background as a first-generation Romanian immigrant. Growing up, I moved between Romania and the United States frequently, an experience that prevented the formation of lasting roots yet helped shape my appreciation for different ways of being.
When I’m not reading theory or speculative fiction, you can find me taking photos, biking around town, or trying my hand at a new craft — most recently, that’s meant screen printing. Check out my Are.na profile for an assortment of things I’m into at the moment.

I recently graduated from the University of Washington, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Philosophy. I’m currently based in NYC. 

I am an alumni of the University of Washington’s 2019 Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities, a quarter-long research program where I explored speculative worldbuilding as a design method. I have previously interned at Industrial Alchemy.

I’m currently looking for design internships in research, strategy, or user experience. Interested in working together — or just chatting over coffee?